My Coaching



My Coaching Style 

My coaching style is pragmatic, collaborative and responsive. 

My coaching relationships are characterised by mutual trust and respect, openness and honesty, empathy and humour, challenge and accountability.

Whilst my style may be relaxed, my focus is crystal clear and disciplined - ensuring you achieve the outcomes you're after, and the personal growth you're capable of. 

My coaching practice is firmly anchored in my steadfast belief in my clients' capabilities and rooted in my high levels of personal integrity and my commitment to my own continuous professional development in my coaching practice. I adhere to the higheset professional standards as set out in the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors. 

How I Coach

My aim is to leave you equipped with the tools, insight and knowledge to enable you to continue your personal development and growth long after our relationship has ended.

I will help you explore your values, feelings and beliefs in order to understand your strengths and how this impacts your performance and motivation.

I will create the space for you to reflect and gain new perspectives. I can offer myself up as a sounding board to help you think through issues and generate new ideas.

I will draw on a range of strength-based and solutions focussed coaching models and tools including diagnostic tools to support self-awareness and insight, as well as practical based techniques to support you at each stage of the journey.

I will give you honest, objective feedback to help you see yourself through the lens of others, to discover your blind spots.I will then help you to clearly define your goals.

We will explore and evaluate options, and select and build a detailed plan to drive you towards your goals and to deliver the outcomes you identify.

But there’s no slacking - at times I will challenge you to step up, but I won’t judge you. I will encourage you to probe deeply within your inner-self.

I will hold you accountable to agreements and monitor your progress.

We will celebrate and build on your successes and we will explore and learn from your failures.

We will be tenacious but pragmatic, and deal with barriers to success head on.

We will laugh.


Example Coaching Engagements 

  • Coached a newly appointed CEO of a non-for-profit Learning organisation to transition from operational role, to redefine her purpose and to align with new Strategic responsibilities
  • Coached a Senior Executive whose portfolio of responsibilities expanded rapidly, requiring a sharp focus and development of leadership skills to delegate with confidence
  • Coached and mentored a Director of HR in a FE College to improve impact and presence, and to challenge and raise standards within an under-performing Shared Service model. 
  • Coached and mentored a HR Manager in an Electronics organisation to acquire focus to improve outputs, raise the profile of HR and improve self-esteem and resilience in a highly ambiguous setting

We'd be delighted to arrange a discovery meeting with you to discuss how working with us can help you.