Coaching & Mentoring for HR

                                                              "Executives and HR Managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive personal change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making the change stick for the long term."
The Ivy Business Journal 


We provide a specialist service to support the professional and personal development of HR professionals. Working in HR can be lonely, especially in stand-alone or senior roles.  You might be so busy looking after everyone else, that you don't make time to focus on your own development needs. 

You may be in a new role, when it's important that you realign your outlook or focus, perhaps to make a step change from operational to strategic, or you may be looking to change the way you influence key stakeholders to improve your impact. 

Whatever your challenges or next goals are, we can support you through one-to-one coaching and mentoring.  We also work with teams to boost performance, resilience and confidence.

We are well connected with a wide network of HR professionals which means we can help you to make connections to develop your network to support your growth and development and can tailor our support to help your next career step.  For more information on Nicola's Coaching style, please click here. 

We'd be delighted to arrange a discovery meeting to discuss how working with us can help you.