Recent Work

"Great leaders don't rush to blame. They instinctively look for solutions"
Nina Easton


We're proud to have been able to help clients across the private and public education sectors. 

Below you can read more about some of the situations we've helped them overcome.  

Negotiated Settlement Agreement for 

Senior Executive  

Not-for-profit unionised organisation with complex post-change ER situation leading to collective grievances and entrenched positions being taken requiring  an honest broker to break the impasse.

What we did

  • Opened lines of communication and built relationships
  • Evaluated options including risk assessment
  • Agreed terms of reference (Governance)
  • Negotiated settlement package
  • Closed down risk

Grievance Investigation in Public School

High profile public school with strong Union representation, performance management culture being introduced tackling long standing issues. Kick-back from employee with multi-strand grievance against senior staff. Small, overstretched HR team. 

What we did

  • Advised on process
  • Conducted grievance investigation
  • Produced grievance report
  • Produced clear conclusions & recommendations
  • Advised on options and risk

TUPE Transfer - SME Business 

Small family-run training company acquiring new business, no dedicated in-house HR.

What we did 

  • Advised on TUPE
  • Obtained Employment Liability Information from outgoing employer
  • Identified proposed measures
  • Supported consultation process
  • Prepared ‘measures’ letters
  • Effected smooth transfer of all relevant employees
  • Employees fully engaged

Conducted a Disciplinary Investigation 

in a Further Education College 

High performing Further Education College  - Unionised environment. Misconduct & Performance issues interlinked.  Independent investigator wanted to ensure impartiality

What we did

  • Separated out conduct issues from capability issues
  • Interviewed all witnesses
  •  Prepared statements
  • Gathered all relevant evidence and information
  • Produced detailed investigation report with clear conclusion
  • Outcome ‘fair and balanced report’

Coaching & Mentoring HR Manager

FMCG SME Business seeking buy out – highly ambiguous business situation. Command and control CEO.  HR not at the top table, under-resourced and fire-fighting. HR Manager suffering low confidence and self-esteem & lack of peer support

What we did

  • One to one Coaching & Mentoring sessions once per month for 6 months
  • Strength based coaching approach used
  • Personal goals identified & challenges set
  • Encouragement & Support provided in between sessions
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Post buy-out HR Manager now has a seat at the top table

Executive Coaching Assignment 

Not-for-profit organisation Executive Team. Multiple change programmes over 2-3 years, where focus was on operational. Step-change needed to build capacity & realign efforts with a strategic focus. Executive team taking on broader portfolios of functional responsibility. 

What we did 

  • One to one coaching programme over 6 months
  • Personal values identified and aligned
  • Goals and objectives clarified
  • Obstacles identified
  • Options explored & evaluated
  • Action plans developed and agreed
  • Results monitored
  • Learning gained from insights
  • Faciliated group session to share learning and insights